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Discover St. Johnsbury!

The temperature has started to drop at night while the days are still warm enough for short sleeves. Perfect weather for colorful foliage! Early fall is our peak season as the hillsides turn bright orange and yellow with stands of Vermont green spruce trees. Cyclists are still traveling through St Johnsbury on the Green Mountain loop while mountain bikers head for Kingdom Trails and paddlers are enjoying the crisp air and foliage along the rivers.  

As a visitor or a resident you can’t help but appreciate a quiet town nestled in the hills, rivers traversing north south, east, and west, old mills, hardware stores, local meat markets, knitting, frame, and flower shops are among the local businesses. Every day as you walk around you can talk with the people who are the heart of Vermont: doctors, lawyers, educators, farmers, artisans, musicians, and tradesmen. The people here have a story to tell and are happy to share the town and area they love with those who pass through. You can’t help but learn that this town preserves the past while it quietly embraces the progressive attitude of its residents.

Fall foliage festivals, ghost walks, and haunted corn fields are fun day trips and the fall/winter performance schedule has begun.  The farmer’s market moves inside the Welcome Center and area song writers and musicians continue to play while the baked goods and hardy vegetables share their space with crafts. 

The town retains some of every element that makes Vermont a unique and diverse state. St J has an essence that is unique, rural and cosmopolitan, historic, diverse, friendly, relaxed, and unexpected all at the same time. This downtown is clearly one where the town's people live, work, and play. There is good reason you should plan a trip to Discover St Johnsbury this Fall!.



2013 Town Band Flyer